At Dobetter Real Estate we are focused on our clients whenever we have some spare time!

We are always very busy with banking our commission, hairdressers, nails and Botox appointments so selling houses sometimes must take second place (oops!)

One thing that you can be sure of is that ‘We do have buyers for Your House’……we can get you the “Very Best Price’ (the one that will pad our conmission the most)

Most importantly we will tie you up in a contract to sell your house for months, you will be at our mercy, we won’t return calls and we will spin you stories about how many buyers call us, how many people attend Open Inspections and lots of other information on a ‘Need to Know’ basis.

We will advise you after the first few Opens that are designed to get us more suckers listings, that the ridiculous price that we told you that you would get for your house is just not attainable (most of our clients fall for this one) and that you will need to make some ‘Price Corrections’ (oops!)

You will be stressed, unhappy and homicidal….we guarantee it!


High Commissions
Low expectations